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3rd April 2020

I've posted a few things recently on social media - lighthearted posts, funnies, and informative posts. But none from my own personal perspective. So here goes. coming to the end of the second week of "lock down" and following on from a few conversations with other "administrative" people in the music industry, we haven't noticed much difference in the work ethic, the isolation or the daily routine too much, as we are pretty self isolating most of the time anyway - however, I do not take lightly, the impact this situation is having on others; families, key workers, socialites, extroverts, adventurers, travellers etc. I feel for you all. Working with musicians is a many and varied job and is very much a results driven vocation - and the "results" in the first instance, are bookings of concerts. In the second instance, it is "bums on seats" at those concerts - Neither of which are happening. So neither the musician nor I are set to earn any money - however, the internet can be a wonderful thing. Live streaming concerts, ingenuity, creative thinking and a strong, loyal fanbase from the artists are a wonderful thing. Donations have been made to musicians, charities, venues, and myself, for which I am truly grateful, on all counts. This virus is serious, we know that. It becomes ever more apparent every day. My hands are taking on a reptilian persona all of their own due to increased and prolonged hand washing, Scapa (the dog) is having to get used to shorter walks (fortunately, he hasn't cottoned on to the fact that as soon as he's done his business, we turn around and head for home - otherwise i'm sure he'd hold on until the 5 mile mark!), exercise is now known in this house as the Joe Wicks form of torture, or it is for me, with dodgy knees!, food has never been better and more resourceful. It pains me and makes me so angry seeing images of wasted food from panic buyers without the creativity to use that which they'd purchased. Fresh pasta, making new and classic sauces, along with creative soups to use up veg which is looking a little "peaky". It was lovely to have a few really nice days last week, as we could sit out in the garden and watch the cats come and go (they seem to go out a lot more than we do now) and the dog snuffle around the lawn, looking for treats which I liberally scatter for him. A game of battleships with the neighbours across the road (putting our moves in the windows and marking them with a Hit, Miss or Sunk), looking at the flowers in the garden, the trees and blossom coming to life at this wonderful time of year. The smell of fresh coffee, the odd bit of work around the house which has so long been put off, is now getting attended to. Checking in with friends and artists to check as to their wellbeing. I still haven't resorted to daytime TV or reading a book during "work hours". Cancelling and re-scheduling concerts, replying to emails with concerned promoters, managers, agents, venues and artists are all a part of this, and who knows how long for. We ride the storm together folks. Look out for each other (at a safe distance of course), check in with people, be resourceful, creative and industrious - as well as be chilled and relaxed. Don't let the strain get to you. If you are reading this and feel it's a little light hearted and doesn't apply to you and life is a little too tough to bear right now, and a friendly voice would be beneficial - then i'm here. Contact me and we can catch up, talk things over, re-set the scales as it were.

2nd March 2020

As with all things on websites, things don't get changed or updated as often as the maybe should - and this page is no exception! 
Having come back from Folk Alliance last year, I have been working hard to organise and form a network of venues, promoters and industry contacts in the USA for Luke Jackson in particular and am pleased to say that just today, as I type this, Luke has just landed back in the UK following his second solo tour of the USA. He went to the Pacific North West region in September 2019 and has just come back from a handful of shows where he opened for the wonderful Willy Porter in the Midwest region, before moving east and  performing solo shows in MA, NY, NJ, PA and VA states - and receiving feedback such as: 

"He's only a few songs in and it's beyond amazing. Luke is incredible. I'll have him back ANY TIME. Thanks for working with me to get him here."   It kind of makes it all worthwhile, and you know you're doing a good job.
Luke will be back out in the Pacific Midwest region once again this October - so if you know of any venues you think he should be playing, please do let me know.
During 2019, I also secured the role as agent for the fantastic Rebecca Loebe from TX, USA, who will be touring the UK in April this year. I put together a tour of 10 dates plus 1 festival for her, which I urge you to go out and see her on - you'll thank me!

19th February 2019

Back in the office today for a full on day of sorting, follow-ups and research after a wonderful trip to Montreal to the Folk Alliance conference. 

Whilst I didn't get to see as much music as I would have liked due to meetings etc, I did find some new and interesting acts, agents, managers and industry people - thank you for your time and generosity.
A few things may come from this trip and  I certainly aim to go back again to cement relationships and make new ones.

20th November 2018

A sad day today - the music world lost a stalwart, a key player, an inspiration and a driver of issues. The name? - Roy Bailey.

I an not old enough to know the Roy of younger days, his history with other luminaries in the folk roots and acoustic music world but the time I WAS aware of his music, was a richer time. Knowing there was someone out there in the music scene I love, who was pushing the boundaries, making issue known, inspiring people enthusing people to sit up and take notice of what was going on around them.


Nikki and I were fortunate enough to see Roy perform in Kendal earlier on this year and he was, as ever, the perfect gent and we sat and had a chat with him about the future of protest singers in the world and who was going to take up the mantle and run with it.
A few names came out such as Grace Petrie and Steve Pledger in the "younger" range, but Martyn Joseph and Billy Bragg and The Oysterband of course are more widely known.

Thanks to Andrew Allan for the photo above of Roy, Nikki and I.

27th September 2018
JUST CONFIRMED!! new concert booking for 2019 - NICK HARPER!!!

Nick Harper - 58 Fordwych Roadjpg
Nick comes to Lancaster with his show "58 FORDWYCH ROAD" - an all new show that centres around a living room in a small flat in Kilburn, London in the mid 1960s. Then the abode of up-and-coming singer-songwriter Roy Harper & his wife

Mocy. The flat was an after hours hang-out for the legends who played at Les Cousins in Soho at the height of the acoustic explosion in swingin’ sixties London.

People like Bert Jansch, Davy Graham, John Renbourn, Paul Simon, Marc Bolan, Sandy Denny & others dropped in, to drop out, jam & try new tunes. But, all along, there was someone else there… a toddler, part of the family, inhaling the music & absorbing the vibe; Roy’s young son, Nick Harper. Nick later carved out his own career in music, but in this unique & one-off show he plays tribute to the time, the place & to the music that became the centre of everything for him & the rest of this ‘family’.

The 58 FORDWYCH ROAD shows run over two halves. The first will see Nick delve into the deluge of songs he heard direct from the greats when growing up. In the second Nick will trace the journey of how these luminary figures’ music evolved & helped shape popular music beyond the sixties & revisit the eternal themes that run from then to now in songs of his own fine repertoire. 

This is sure to be a popular show - grab your tickets from the "Concerts" page here on this site.

2nd September 2018


HOT NEWS!! - Imageacoustic have just confirmed to be the booking agent for the fantastic KIRSTY MERRYN.
To say we're excited about this addition to our roster is an understatement. Kirsty comes to us off the back of her full UK support tour with Show Of Hands on their Cathedrals and Churches tour in late 2017, playing to over 10,000 people!!
Check out Kirsty's artist page her on this site for more details and feel free to contact me if you'd like to book Kirsty - or any of the other artists we represent.